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Terms of Use

  1. www.sportreseller.com is owned and operated by Intuit Integrated Marketing Limited.
  2. Use of this website is offered to you on a provision that you accept all the terms and conditions along with any tentative changes in the terms made by Sportreseller. A user is required to go through Terms of Use section before using this website. It will be considered that you are using Sportreseller after reading this section.
  3. A user, whether registered or not, will have to visit the Terms of Use page in order to get notified about the revised version. Sportreseller shall not be required to inform its users about the changes made in terms and conditions.
  4. If a user is using this website, any service, facility or even browsing the site; it will be considered that the user has read, understood and agreed all these terms of use and privacy policies of Sportreseller.
  5. The website facilitates online sale and purchase of various sports equipments presented by our affiliates, vendors, service providers and registered traders. Various services offered to the users by Sportreseller include issue of vouchers and coupons which can be used by users to redeem further services. Purchase of goods on Sportreseller will be managed by Terms of Offers.

Eligibility Criteria for Usage

  1. A minor i.e. the user under the age of eighteen is not authorized to use the services provided by Sportreseller. A user will no longer be provided the services once removed or suspended. You will be permitted to proceed the use of this website, only if you correspond to the above criteria. Nevertheless, if you are a minor, you will be offered the use of this website under the invigilation of legal guardians.
  2. Sportreseller is authorized to cease the access provided to registered users or decline the access to ‘use of services’ availed to new users at any time without granting reasons for doing so.
  3. Users are not allowed to have more than one active account on Sportreseller. Any user who is found to have more than one account will be suspended from the use of this website. Furthermore, selling or transferring the account by any user to another party is prohibited.

User Account and Security

  1. The service of account accessibility will be provided to you only if you have given certain required information and created an account on Sportreseller. The log-in ID can be made from Gmail, Yahoo or any other applicable email ID. In order to become a registered user of the website, it is necessary for you to create an account with a valid email ID. Unregistered users are allowed to use the website with a restricted access.
  2. A registered user is required to keep the account information confidential; users shall be responsible for all the activities taking place in their account. If you fail to manage the confidentiality of your account information, Sportreseller shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by security violation or by the use of your account.
  3. Always make sure that you exit from your account after each session you spend on the website. If you notice that someone has made unauthorized use of information related to your account; immediately inform us. A user will be deprived of the services provided by Sportreseller if found using account information of any other user.
  4. A user of the website is required to provide complete and precise information in the registration form while creating an account. Keep updating the information given in your account on the website. Incomplete or inaccurate account information will be suspected as a breach of security and the website is authorized to terminate or cease that account and decline the access to use.

Pricing and Payment Information

  1. Sportreseller comes along to provide you with the best prices on goods you buy from the website. Essential information related to the purchase and pricing of products shall be detailed under the Terms of Offer.
  2. Users are required to provide accurate details of credit card or debit card while making any purchases in order to avail the services by the website. Users must use their own credit or debit card during money transactions rather than using a card which is not owned by the users. The website will not use or share the information provided by you with any third party unless it is required in case of any fraudulence or regulations and laws.
  3. Sportreseller shall not be liable in case of any unauthorized use of your credit card or debit card and only you will be responsible for the confidentiality of your card details and security concerns. The website shall not be responsible for any case of loss or damage caused due to direct or indirect rejection of approval of the transaction. Users must contact their respective banks in case of any concern regarding the transactions.

Responsibilities of Users

  1. Subject to abidance with the terms, Sportreseller offers you a limited access to the website and provided services. You comply that you shall merely access the interface provided by Sportreseller to use this website. You are not supposed to make use of any other material of the website such as any program, algorithm or other manual processes to copy, acquire or access in any way.
  2. You clearly understand and agree that while using and accessing the website, you may be exposed to any offensive content from other users that you may find objectionable. Sportreseller is not liable in any such condition. Furthermore, you are required to report such indecent content.
  3. User shall be solely responsible for the infringement of any obligation to the website or any third party under the terms and conditions. Moreover, users will be liable in case of any consequences (consequences include any loss suffered by Sportreseller or its affiliates) caused due to any such breach.
  4. You expressly acknowledge that the website is not the seller of goods; Sportreseller shall not be considered as the retailer of products or services available on the website. The website only facilitates the service of sale and purchase of goods between buyers and seller.
  5. Sportreseller is authorized to suspend or make changes in the website, its Terms of Use, charge, waive fee or any offer provided to the users.
  6. If Sportreseller permits you to post or upload any content or material on the website, you are required to make sure that the content is in agreement with the laws and is not objectionable.

User Obligations

Users including Buyers and Sellers shall be provided their own user interface from Sportreseller to access the website with convenience. Obligations of such users are:

  • A user is not allowed to threaten, ill-treat or use obnoxious words or phrases for others. Any user found with this sort of activity will be suspended or removed from the access of the website.

  • Any user is not supposed to publish, upload, post or propagate any indecent, obscene or any other kind of objectionable information or material through keyword, tagging or any bookmark.

  • Users are not allowed to upload files that include any material (any software or content) protected by intellectual property laws unless the users acquire the rights to use that material. Files uploaded by the users should not contain corrupted files, virus or any other program material that may damage the accessibility or operation of the website.

  • Users are informed not to engage in an activity which seems to interrupt access to the website including any interference in networks and services connected to the website.

  • Users should not be found to attempt password mining or any other hacking procedure to obtain unauthorized or illicit access to system, network or any part of the website.

  • Users are not allowed to inquire, scrutinize or probe the system, security, network or any other element related to the website. Users are not permitted to trace any information regarding customers, sellers/buyers, account of any other user or make an unauthorized or impermissible use of any information or service provided by the website.

  • Any interference or disruption causing harm to system resources of the website including account and password, network and server or accessibility will be considered as a breach; the collection of data about other users without permission from the website is prohibited. Sportreseller shall be authorized to take action against such activities.

  • Users are not supposed to make use of software or devices which may obstruct the functionality or utilization being conducted on the website. Users are not authorized to perform any study, contest or survey on the website.

  • Using any content or material of the website (disallowed by the Term of Use)for conducting any sort of illegal activity shall be taken as the Breach of terms and conditions by Sportreseller. Distribution of any downloaded file from the website (which was uploaded by either the website or any other user) is prohibited.

  • Users are not allowed to edit or make changes in the proprietary notices, legal attributions or any other mentioned sources of content and material uploaded on the website.

  • Infringement of regulations, guidelines related to any specific service or Terms of Use is not allowed on the website.

  • Users are not authorized to amend, adjust, dispense, execute, transfer, display or sell any kind of information that is related to the website. Sportreseller shall be authorized to take actions against any plagiaristic activity conducted by a user.

Use of Content and Material

  1. The rights given to you by Sportreseller for access to use are not valid to layout, design or any other internal feature of the website. Such elements of the intellectual property are protected by applicable rights and shall not be copied or replicated in any way. Similarly, you are not authorized to imitate or transmit any material or content of the website without the permission of Sportreseller.


  2. Any software, server or system acquired by the website is the property of Sportreseller and its merchants. Sportreseller does not allow downloading of software and utilization of server or system available on the website; otherwise it will be taken as an infringement of Terms of Use.


  3. You are required to make the purchase of goods from the website for your own use only. Hereby, you comply that products purchased by you will not be sold or resold in any way. You agree that you will not transfer the products purchased from Sportreseller to any third party.

  4.  Subject to applicable terms, users of Sportreseller will be provided the access to view, download and print any material such as product catalogue available on the website. Those users who will be facilitated by this service are required to consent on the following conditions:

  • You are allowed to utilize any content of the website merely for your own use which may include any informational and personal purpose abiding with the Terms of Use.
  • You are not supposed to rent, sell, dispense or distribute any information or material existing on the website.
  • You are not authorized to modify the content and material (including product catalogue) of the website for any sort of purpose.
  • You are required not to delete or remove legal notices, proprietary information and copyright concerns mentioned by Sportreseller on the website.

Infringement of the Terms of Use

  1. If Sportreseller determines any violation of Terms of Use or other additional terms by you, then the website is solely authorized to terminate your present access and block any future access to use the website without notifying you.
  2. You hereby agree that any unlawful or unauthorized practice which may cause any irretrievable destruction or loss to Sportreseller shall be considered as the infringement of Terms of Use and you agree to Sportreseller obtaining any reasonable relief that the website considers crucial and appropriate in any such case.
  3. Sportreseller is expressly authorized to take legal actions against the user as a consequence of the violation of terms; Sportreseller holds the right to reclaim any loss from you and you consent to pay the reasonable cost of such acts.
  4. Sportreseller is not required to notify you with any prior notice while suspending your access to the website in case of the following conditions:
  • If the website receives an account deletion request from you.
  • If the website receives any request from governmental authorities.
  • If the website or services provided by the website undergo any discontinuance or amendment.
  • If any unforeseen technical concerns or system issues take place in the website.

Intellectual Property Policy

  1. The processes taking place on the website including text, layout, designs, graphics, all kinds of interfaces, computer codes and any other intellectual material and content are acquired and managed by Sportreseller. Other related contents such as structure, look, expression and arrangement of various features of the website are protected by copyright, regulations of trademark and other laws pertaining to intellectual property.
  2. Any marks (including service marks, logos or other trademarks) displayed on the website are the property of Sportreseller, its vendors or a third party associated with the website. Users are not allowed to use these marks without the approval of Sportreseller.
  3. Except the material and other proprietary content owned by vendors or a third party, all intellectual property rights are owned by Sportreseller.
  4. Users are not authorized to copy, republish, transmit, display or dispense any content using any means without asking for essential approval to authorization from Sportreseller.

Terms and Conditions for Sellers


Henceforth set Terms and Conditions for sellers are final agreement between the seller and the buyer. There are no further terms and conditions, agreements or understandings; than those mentioned here. Whoever the seller may be, he/she is confined to these terms and conditions throughout the time he/she is linked to the website. The terms and conditions shall not be modified, misused or disregarded except in severe unavoidable conditions, and under such circumstances the seller needs an approval in writing signed by the concerned authority of Sportreseller. In case of any difference or conflict between seller's own terms and conditions and the terms and conditions set by Sportreseller, the terms and conditions of Sportreseller shall govern while the terms and conditions of the seller shall be ignored.


Seller shall not change the prices once it is fixed between him/her and the buyer or Sportreseller. It is compulsory for the seller to provide his/her conditions and pricing which are not less favorable than those provided to other buyers.


The packaging of product shall be according to the preference of the buyer and most importantly it should follow all the applicable laws. Unless otherwise mentioned in an order, the seller shall ship product F.O.B delivered .The weight taken at delivery point will govern in any cases where weight issue arises.


In case of products delivered beyond the time provided, buyers have the full authority to terminate the order and purchase substitute items from elsewhere and charge the seller for any loss or damaged incurred by the buyer; without referring to any of its rights and remedies. We value the time of both yours and ours.

Unwanted loss

For any unwanted loss that happens during delivery, the title and risk of loss for the product will be transferred to the seller unless the buyer’s vehicle is used for shipping or the buyer has taken full responsibility of shipping. Under such circumstances, the risk of loss will be transferred to the buyer once the buyer’s vehicle leaves the seller’s property.

Labels and MSDS

Sellers are entitled to provide the buyer a copy of present and future revised details, labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for each and every product they sell. The seller should be assertive of the labels and MSDSs provided by them. It should be precise and detailed to create full awareness to anyone coming in contact with the product regarding the safety requirements and hazards associated with the product. It is not compulsory for the buyer to analyze the accuracy of the labels or MSDSs.

Terms and Conditions for Buyers

Users are required to visit this page and read the following provisions before using any services provided by the website. Your use of this website will be known as your consent to Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions for Sellers and Terms and Conditions for Buyers. These Terms and Conditions for Buyers are subject to amendments and Sportreseller shall not be notifying its users about any changes made on this page. Users are requested to read this agreement before browsing this website and using its services.

Sportreseller is authorized to revise these terms at any time, so users (both Sellers and Buyers) must go through this agreement along with any additional terms from time to time before buying any product or before listing and exhibiting your goods on the website. If you browse the website and use its services, it will be considered as your acceptance to the revised version of Term and Conditions for Buyers.

Acceptance of Products

Sellers prepare listing of their goods; exhibit and offer to sell their products on the website under Terms and Conditions by Sportreseller. Furthermore, Buyers agree and accept the purchase of products offered by Seller under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the website. Thus, the contract for sale of products and items is a bipartite agreement between the Seller and Buyer only. Accordingly, the Buyers agree that the purchase of products offered by a Seller is not a fixed or absolute offer.

Sale of goods offered on the website is subject to negation by the Seller at any time unless and until goods are delivered to Buyers. The website or Sellers shall not be liable in case of any such repudiation. Buyers and Sellers comply that Sportreseller is authorized to decline or terminate sale transactions, the exhibition of goods or acceptance of products without providing any reason for doing so.

Listing of Products

  1. The sale and offers on products are subject to the description of each product and agreement of warranties provided by individual sellers / Manufacturers along with these terms. Specific warranties and agreement given by Sellers / Manufacturers are mentioned on the web page of the relevant product with specifications. The warranty and offers provided by Sellers / Manufacturers shall be executed and fulfilled by them.
  2. If a product is available under the offer of sale on the website, its availability (if not purchased by the Buyer) may be changed without any prior notice. There is a possibility of the condition in which goods may not be available for delivering to the Buyers even after the completion of purchase. Sportreseller or the Sellers will not be liable in any such circumstances. If any order gets cancelled due to such condition and payment has been accomplished by Buyer’s side, that amount will be submitted or reversed back to the Buyer in his/her bank account mentioned in the billing details. The method of this reversal process may vary and it will be the sole authority of Sportreseller to determine the mode of reversing money in this case.
  3. As per the bipartite contract between the Sellers and Buyers, following statement is the affirmation to Buyers by Sellers:
  • Sellers hold the right to sell their goods to any Buyer through Sportreseller.
  • The price of any product will not include any charge related to third party.
  • Buyers will be given the right of warranties and other guarantees valid on the product or commonly provided by Manufacturer/Seller of relevant goods.
  • Details and specification of the product will be available on the website.

Pricing of Products

Sportreseller and Sellers are entitled to make any changes in the Selling Price of products at any time before the purchase of any particular products by the Buyers without providing any reason or notice. Any technical errors pertaining to the Selling Price of a product shall be corrected by Sellers at any time. If a Buyer accepts the offer of sale on a product having an error in its Selling Price, that acceptance will not be taken as valid and the transaction will be cancelled or ignored by the Seller.

Delivery of Products

  1. The mode of delivery may vary according to products and it is generally decided by Sellers. Sellers will be responsible for any loss or damage of the product throughout the process of purchase and delivery. Sportreseller or Buyers will not be liable in this condition. Sellers are required to warrant that the delivered goods are not defective. Sellers must assure that they are delivering the products which are advertised by that Seller with exact specifications and details available on the website.
  2. The information provided by Buyer (shipping address, pin code and other contact details) is verified with the database of details on the website. The order by Buyer shall not be fulfilled if the delivery address mentioned in the order confirmation form is not located in the region covered by delivery norms. In such case, Buyer will have to give an alternative address where goods can be delivered by the Seller.
  3. Any sort of information pertaining to the time of dispatch can be a mere estimation and there is no guarantee for the exact dispatch time. Time shall not be a concern between Buyer and Seller for any sale or purchase as per the bipartite contract between both.
  4. If a Buyer does not accept the product (purchased by him/her through the website) delivered by Seller, the buyer shall be liable to Seller, Sportreseller and any associated third party for this non-acceptance and any loss occurred during the transaction.

Return Policy

  1. Any complaint regarding the replacement or refund of a product will be processed under this Return Policy by Sportreseller and these terms shall be agreed by both Buyers and Sellers. A Buyer shall not be eligible to apply for replacing or refunding in the event of fake or unjustified complaints including the grievance for quality or delivery of goods.
  2. Buyers are required to make sure that the packaging of products does not acquire any damage while accepting the product delivery. The return of a product will be determined as per the category of a product and additional terms related to it. These additional terms on the product will be specified by Sellers during the purchase of a product on Sportreseller.
  3. If the return of a product is accepted by Seller, the amount paid by Buyer during the purchase of that product will be refunded to the bank account or the billing address provided by that Buyer from which the transaction was made. It will be the sole discretion of the website to select the mode of reversing payment to a Buyer.
  4. Buyers comply that if a Seller does not accept the returned product, then Sportreseller shall have the right to sell that product with an applicable title, warranties and other general collaterals related to that product.

Order Cancellation

  1. If a Seller cancels the order – There may be a case in which Seller will not be able to accept the order. In such case, Seller is authorized to cancel the order directly or through Sportreseller. A Seller has the right to cancel or decline any order without providing any reason to Buyer. The possible situations causing the cancellation of products from Seller include error in prices, non-availability of a product or insufficient quantity of ordered goods.
  2. If a Buyer cancels the order – if a buyer wants to cancel the order, Seller shall decide to accept or refuse the request of order cancellation at its sole discretion. If a Buyer requests for cancellation of order prior to the processing of order, Seller shall decline the order and refund the amount paid by Buyer within a fixed span of time. Furthermore, Sellers may not decline an order which has been processed. Buyers are required to agree with the decision of Seller pertaining to the cancellation of goods.

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