How SportReseller follows Consumer to Consumer Business Model

Consumer to consumer business model stands for electronics transactions of money as well as exchanges of “Used “products between two or more than two consumers individually with the help of online third party listing based organizations. It is becoming easier for consumers to come across each other to sell their old products effortlessly with each other through online third party organization.

C2C Business Model

C2C business is usually operated by an organization like Sportreseller independently through a website, where buyers can shop for free and the sellers have to pay some bucks sometimes to list their products on the website of Sportreseller.


In this type of business model, consumers play a dynamic role in monitoring the whole C2C online business model and websites entails lower costs and higher profits for buyers and sellers even provide high security for the customer loyalty. In this business model, both “Used” and “New Sports Goods” are sold in C2C businesses.

Difficulties faced by offline C2C Businesses in past decades

In past decade, there was no such platform where consumers might be able to sell and buy their used products among consumers itself. The basic structure of C2C markets does not changed but the markets were very few in past decades and the internet age has broaden the area of C2C market for businesses in this level. If there was any C2C business in 19th and 20th century then that might be definitely at minor level because there are so many difficulties which refrains any offline organization from healthy growth.

These are:

  • The major difficulty within offline C2C organization is insecurity in payment transfer.
  • Restricted markets and difficulties in finding these markets offline.
  • Communication gap between consumer to consumer due to restricted area.
  • People used to advertise on newspapers in old ages to sell their old cars and sports bikes in 80’s and 90’s which was time consuming.
  • In offline C2C, it was almost impossible to find potential buyer at faster rates.

Influence of social networking sites on C2C Businesses

Social media networking sites are playing a great role in C2C business model nowadays. It may take much time for any C2C business to get visibility at instant rate and leverage the modern tactics. In such situation, social media networks play the role of lifeboat for such businesses. Unlike B2B and B2C, social media network opens up an ultimate platform for several consumers to interact with each other anywhere and anytime. They can even interact with each other while placing ads and start conversation in the comment box of any blog posts or even in a chat room on a website.

Future of C2C with social media networking sites.

C2C organizations are highly leveraged by the social media networks in terms of drawing the huge consumers to the website. The future of C2C business model is bright and internet has connected several small and big towns with each other so peoples are using all the social media networks to connect with each other.
In previous decade, people were used to come online on social media networks to chat with each other but nowadays these platforms are highly used for business purpose as these are the only platform which is responsible to divert the huge traffic on any website.

In future, new technology may come up with an advance features on the social media networking site to give an advance interface for users to start an open conversation among consumers without any hassle. Brands can create platforms to sell and buy used products of consumer and this website would get famous by the social media networking sites.

Advantages of Online C2C businesses

C2C businesses are the organization which runs for 24×7 hours and consumers can list their old products and buy anytime anywhere when they feel like shopping. C2C e-commerce industries are growing day by day and it is estimated that this industry would bring more positive results in the future and definitely find the irresistible options in the features to make the customer more convenient in dealing.

  • Consumers can easily interact with each other within seconds to discuss about the products and one can find more than one buyers in a single place.
  • No need to search for the buyers with beacon of light as millions of users would available on the C2C website and it is becoming easier to find required consumer within a second.
  • If one person is selling his old product to any offline retailers he would charge some bucks to refurbish the product as well as its selling price as a profit. With the C2C e-commerce businesses, consumer can lower this price by listing his product at cheaper rate on the website.
  • Customer can directly contact sellers and do without spending money on an intermediary.