You are requested to go through the following statement in order to get familiar with privacy policies of the website. If you visit this website or use any service by the website; it will be considered as your consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Note: Sportreseller is not required to inform or notify its users about the modifications and amendments performed at any time. Users must visit this section to get notified about any changes in the website.

The website collects and restores the data of personal information of its users and other relevant demographics to execute some necessary proceedings so that our users can browse the website and use its services without any inconvenience.

  1. Collection of User’s Information

The personal information given by you shall be used to provide you a hassle-free accessibility and convenient interface on the website where you can meet your needs. Users do not need to share or reveal personal information while browsing the website, but once you create an account to get registered, you shall be known and identified by the website.

During the registration on Sportreseller, users are indicated about the mandatory and optional field as per the required information. Sportreseller is authorized to track information of concerned users in case of any unauthorized use or illicit activity. In general, the information provided by users is utilized to perform a sort of study on various users so that we can conclude the priorities of our users and serve them with the best features and a user-friendly interface.

The website uses certain devices such as ‘cookies’ on specified pages to collect data in order to evaluate and analyze different activities on our web page. Small data files found on the hard drive which assist numerous web pages to connect and relate with user’s device are known as ‘cookies’.

The website shall collect information about the users if:

  • The user buys or chooses to buy any product on the website. This information is collected to analyze buying activities of a user.
  • A user makes transactions; the website gathers further information related to the mode of transaction. This information comprises billing details, card number or expiration date of the credit/debit card and some general payment details.
  • The users post their views and feedback in message boards. We gather the details provided by users to resolve concerns related to the access in order to provide customer support.
  • The website receives letters, emails or other kinds of personal correspondence from users or any third party. Such details are accumulated into separate files. We create an individual folder for the users who send us emails or letters frequently, so that we can keep their information in our database without any incoherence and use it whenever needed.
  • A user creates an account on Sportreseller. The information which we collect during your registration includes your name, email address, phone number etc. We gather this info given by you so that you can operate the website with a convenient interface because the website allows a restricted use to unregistered users.
  1. Use of Data Available in Profile

The website shall use personal information of users to provide them requested services with a user-friendly interface. The personal details given by users are utilized to resolve issues, troubleshoot accessibility concerns and to offer a safe experience with the website. Through this information, we reach our users to notify about latest products, offers and updates.

The website attempts to serve our users with the best products and offers; to proceed with this endeavor, we collect information from the profile data and demographics to examine the activity of users on Sportreseller. We may track and use the IP address of any particular user to detect and diagnose troubles regarding server or access to the website. Moreover, we can identify your IP address to collect the demographic details of any user.

  1. Distribution of Personal Information

The website may share the personal information of users with its affiliates to prevent identity fraudulence or other possible illicit activities. We may correlate or examine specific user accounts to prevent any misuse of the services provided by the website and to facilitate our users with the best products and updated services.

The website is solely authorized to disclose personal information of users if it is requested by law authorities (court orders or any sort of legal process). Such details of users may be shared with law enforcement offices or third parties which are authorized to get the necessary information about users. Sportreseller holds the right to share your personal information with any corporate entity related to the website.

  1. Security Concerns/Precautions

Sportreseller provides a safe access to its users with stern security measures to prevent any unauthorized use, loss or illicit amendment of information under the management of the website. If a user updates or edits his/her account information, the website provides the use of a protected and secure server. In order to protect the user’s information from any unlawful access, the website makes its best efforts to protect the given details under stringent security guidelines.

  1. Connection with Other Sites

The website links to some other websites which may accumulate some personal details of users. The website shall not be liable for any privacy concern caused due to the linked websites. The users are requested to be cautious about account details while accessing the website.

  1. Preference of Users

If the users find any irrelevant communication or do not want to receive any promotional messages and notifications from the website, the option of opting out is also available for such users on behalf of any associated entity on Sportreseller.

To remove your contact details from the list of Sportreseller, you are requested to visit Unsubscribe.

  1. User’s Consent

If you use this website and provide/share any kind of information with us; you agree to the collection of information and use of the details given by you on the website. Your use of this website will be considered as your consent to this Privacy Policy.

The website shall not be to informing or notifying about modifications in Privacy Policy or Terms of Use on the website. The changes will be posted in this section, so users are requested to go through this page while using the website or sharing any personal information with us.