Return Policy

If a buyer wants to cancel the order due to any reason, he/she is required to cancel it within 12 hours of placing and confirming the order. Moreover, the process of return shall be followed only if the product received by the buyer is in bad condition or the packaging is damaged.

Buyers are requested not to accept the delivered product, if they find its packaging tempered. Before accepting a product or denying the acceptance of product, buyers must check the product tag and packaging. As per the return policy of Sportreseller, the return of product should take place within 10 working days. Buyers are not offered to return the product after these 10 working days.

  1. Any complaint regarding the replacement or refund of a product will be processed under this Return Policy by Sportreseller and these terms shall be agreed by both Buyers and Sellers. A Buyer shall not be eligible to apply for replacing or refunding in the event of fake or unjustified complaints including the grievance for quality or delivery of goods.
  1. Buyers are required to make sure that the packaging of products does not acquire any damage while accepting the product delivery. The return of a product will be determined as per the category of a product and additional terms related to it. These additional terms on the product will be specified by Sellers during the purchase of a product on Sportreseller.
  1. If the return of a product is accepted by Seller, the amount paid by Buyer during the purchase of that product will be refunded to the bank account or the billing address provided by that Buyer from which the transaction was made. It will be the sole discretion of the website to select the mode of reversing payment to a Buyer.

Order Cancellation

  1. If a Seller cancels the order – There may be a case in which Seller will not be able to accept the order. In such case, Seller is authorized to cancel the order directly or through Sportreseller. A Seller has the right to cancel or decline any order without providing any reason to Buyer. The possible situations causing the cancellation of products from Seller include error in prices, non-availability of a product or insufficient quantity of ordered goods.
  1. If a Buyer cancels the order – if a buyer wants to cancel the order, Seller shall decide to accept or refuse the request of order cancellation at its sole discretion. If a Buyer requests for cancellation of order prior to the processing of order, Seller shall decline the order and refund the amount paid by Buyer within a fixed span of time. Furthermore, Sellers may not decline an order which has been processed. Buyers are required to agree with the decision of Seller pertaining to the cancellation of goods.

Refund Policy

The procedure of refund shall be followed under this refund policy and the mode of refund shall be same as the mode of payment. Any request for refund from a buyer shall be accepted by the website only after the cancellation of an order. Even though, a refund will be made under justified circumstances; Sportreseller is authorized to decline the request for refund or order cancellation at any time without notifying it to the buyer.

There is a provision for the refund according to which, a buyer is required to provide a reason for cancellation of an order. In general, the refunds will be made by Sportreseller within 10 working days from the date of order cancellation.