User guide:

Create an account

To create a Sportreseller account, first go to the homepage. Click on Buy/Sell button. There are two options you will check; Register and Log in. If you have a functional account already, then you don’t need to register, just log in. For those who do not have such account, click the register button. You will get three types of user group; Private Seller, Dealer and Buyer. Choose anyone out of the three according to your need and fill up all the details and press the registration button. Your registration status (failed or successful) will be sent to you within no time.


Buyer’s guide:

Search Products

Go to the home page of the Sportreseller website, type the name of product you want in the space provided.

Buyer Guide

In case you are confused or unable to decide, check the products according to the categories listed.

Buyer Guide

Seller’s guide:

To post an ad on Sportreseller website, go to the top right corner of the Sportreseller home page.

Buyer Guide

Click the ‘Add listing’ button and you will see the page with package option where you can select a suitable package and post your ads accordingly. Follow the steps, first fill up the form then review your product and finally make the payment for your ad. Once the payment is made; check whether the ad is available on the site or not from time to time. Also, check by typing the name of your product on the space provided for Search. If the ad is not available on the site, please contact us as soon as possible.