SportReseller is a venture of IntuitM group and the largest portal for reselling of all categories and brands of sports goods and equipments to have entered the market at any point of time. For you it is the largest marketplace at your fingertip for trading in the best that is globally available in sports for reuse. This includes True Value Refurbished items inventoried on the website.

The portal has a place for everyone who can be a buyer or a seller – the manufacturer, the retailer, sports organizations, sports people and sports collectors. They are all served by a huge database of products and equipment along with a vast pool of information. Where you go on the website is guided by what you want to do – buy/sell used, listing etc. are clearly demarcated in different areas of the website.

The portal covers the entire gamut of transactions between all the possible players in the market who could be involved in them:

Sportreseller allows smooth interfacing of these transacting units which also defines the kind of trading they do.

Based on an abiding philosophy that Life after can be better than before, Sportreseller tracks the life of fine original products and equipment; particularly the ones with inbuilt scope for re-enrichment, revival and refurbishing after one-time first use. For this, it has been put into practice a web of linkages for flow of information and tracking to the last item in the humongous world of resale of goods & equipment in the sporting arena.

Sportreseller provides the platform for Listing where sellers can sell scarce goods on the highest selling price. Bidding of such rare products on Sportreseller allows sellers to reach target buyers easily. In this way, Sportreseller offers an opportunity for sellers to earn a great amount only by reselling their products.

Backing up the network of inventorization and online trading are highly trained personnel to check on authenticity of specifications, original pricing and verifiable condition of items. QC cannot be ignored in resale too and Sportreseller is constantly adding to its methods and systems to ensure that.

Sportreseller is truly global in terms of geography and it covers – Asia, Africa, America & Europe.

Categories of Sporting goods & equipment under the Sportreseller umbrella keep increasing and the list keeps growing. Categories in sports which you are likely to find are:

  • Sport Equipment
  • Training Products
  • Gadgets and games supported by operating systems like IOS, Android and Windows.

Sportreseller includes all the units of buying and selling – individual consumers and sellers to small scale businesses, large scale enterprises and manufacturers.

Through innovative practices, the graph of Sportreseller is continuously on the rise among the international trade markets due to its extensive range and profile of products which include:

  • F1 racing cars
  • Sports bikes variants
  • Artificial pitches & Covers like cricket pitches – pitch matting, artificial grass, Maverick pitch; Soccer artificial grass turf professional pitch; Sports courts – Synthetic Tennis Courts; Synthetic Pitch Cover and other sports Accessories.

Our goal at Sportreseller is to become your habit.

Our Vision

Sportreseller comes along with an initiative of serving its users with the best services along with the following ideas:

  • To provide a global window for worldwide re-users of sporting goods and equipment through state of the art online trading.
  • Quality assurance even in resale by inventorization of the best and blending of premium refurbished products.
  • To incorporate every unit of trading on a dynamic platform; the diverse range of retailers, manufacturers and even potential consumers.
  • To provide level playing field and fair competition to all participating units on the web platform.
  • To ensure flow of endless stream of categories and products from the exciting world of sports to the platform.
  • To provide precise and correct information about all the products in this web market place.
  • To become the first and last word in sporting goods & equipment reselling in the world.